Here’s a rough sketch from my sketchbook. We had gone...


Here’s a rough sketch from my sketchbook. We had gone bowling the other week and I was thinking about the bowling shoes one night at the coffee shop. Bowling shoes are iconic. Loved, and disgusted. They can smell horrific, but yet we still wear em. Not many of us have our own pair, so we share the shoes that have been on so many feet.

The great thing about the moleskine sketchbook paper is it’s nice, smooth, and off-white in color, but on the other hand it’s very thin, and if you try to rework a drawing in pencil too much, you start to go through the paper and to whatever is behind it. Worst case scenario, it can rip through either with an over-sharp pencil, or over-erasing.

I try to keep a spare sheet in between to cushion the drawing and not damage the paper behind it, but it only helps so much, lol. I also have to do that when I color with markers or ink— bleeds right through— bleh!

I’ve been doing a lot of drawing lately. It’s great since work keeps my hands drawing so much! Several of my past uploads were entirely digital. Here’s a traditional :) I’ve also been trying to stagger my art uploads here and at other art pages so you don’t get flooded with my posts, lol.

I will see about inking/coloring this soon if I can :D Holiday BBQ today!

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