Halloween was absolutely awesome this year! I went as Mabel from...


Halloween was absolutely awesome this year! I went as Mabel from Gravity Falls and had a great time making the costume! I will need to post some photos of the sweater for you guys. At work, I ended up going to a number of events hosted by the company, and had a whole lot of fun! I ran into a Grunkle Stan, who gave me some Stan Bucks and later on in the day I ran into another Mabel!

I was over at Imagineering, and a Ward Kimball happened to be there! :D Good gosh this was awesome!

The League of S.T.E.A.M made the holiday extra amazing! They had a Steampunk Tea Party, complete with monsters on and under the table, as well as fantastic creatures and decor! I got to chat with a bunch of wonderful people in the group and even got to see a friend I’d not seen in ages! There were a number of Gravity Falls fans in the group and we got so excited talking about the show. So much fun! I was especially fond of the monster under the table that would take candy you’d throw to it (and if it got Smarties, it would throw them back in disgust!).

After work, I got to hang out with my friends and boyfriend and watch Goonies! We had a load of fun handing out candy to all the Trick-or-Treaters :D A kid who was the spitting image of Chunk came by but he wasn’t familiar with the movie, lol.

Halloween is rad! I’ll post more costume photos soon :)

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