Hey There Aron! I wanted to ask you of your thoughts of SCAD's animation program? I was thinking of attending there for a couple of classes. Thanks for your time. :)



I’m sure a lot has changed since I was there, so I’m not sure what their current classes and instructors are like. You should be able to get in touch with admissions and ask if there are any current students who you can speak with to get a better idea :D I took a few 2D classes before we had to select 2D or 3D (I went with 3D) and I had a ton of fun in both. I am not sure what their requirements are for taking classes if you’re outside the major (either enrolled in the school full time or not) but you should contact admissions and ask if you can take a tour! My favorite classes were Animation 1, and character design for 2D, and I discovered I enjoyed textures in 3D. If you are able to take a few classes without going through the whole animation program, you might be able to take some you are most interested in (though be warned, classes fill up like crazy!). As for individual classes/subject matter, I will highly recommend studies outside of class, and lots of drawing! I wish I’d drawn non-stop but I was very lucky to meet someone online who was willing to take the time to tutor me in drawing characters. I had transferred into SCAD after 2 years of foundations and that screwed up my class sequencing. I struggled, but I never stopped and when I felt like I wasn’t learning what I wanted to learn in drawing classes, I learned from the internet and friends. I hope this helps!

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