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It doesn’t go bump in the night… it’s a low, heavy breathing sound—- so low, you almost don’t notice it…

Here’s my monster living in the darkness! It’s a lurking beast with silent steps not unlike those of a kitten. It’s breathing is damp and heavy, like that of a pug. You never see it coming in the shadows…

I painted this digitally in Photoshop with a Wacom tablet. I was inspired by animation from the 1950’s, and the monster is a mash between a cat and a pug, with a touch of inspiration from one of my favorite Looney Tunes characters— Gossamer :D

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Hi everyone! Here’s my entry for this past week’s WeeklyArtChallenge! The theme this week was A Monster Under The Bed!

I had done some sketching earlier in the week and when I thought about this creature, I had the nasal-sounding breathing noise a pug makes in mind. I love the snorty sounds they make and I imagined this big flat-faced monster making that kind of sound :D

He’s got feet as soft sounding as a kitten, and a snorty pug nose— and this monster knows how to hunt in the night!

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