I was wondering how did you started working with animation and illustration? do you have any tips for someone who wants to enter this area?


Hi! After I graduated, I worked in retail for a few years at an art supply store, and when I wasn’t at work, I drew a lot and learned as much as I could. I had a lot of fun with digital coloring and such, as well as storyboarding and started to shift my portfolio in that direction.

When my friends started making an animated series pitch, I did a little flash animation cleanup on that and I also started assisting with background coloring for their webcomic :D

In fall of 2011, I started at a local studio where I assisted with assets and such for a Club Penguin short, and then I started working on an animatic with them, doing asset work and revisions. After I finished there, I worked on my portfolio and storyboards and continued drawing as much as I could :)

Last spring I was contacted by Disney and I freelanced there for two months before being hired full time as a Jr. Designer and I’ve been with them ever since :D


Draw CONSTANTLY. I cannot stress that enough. Carry paper with you at all times. Carry a sketchpad, a pencil—a pen—anything. If you’ve got some downtime while waiting for stuff, you’ve got time to sketch. I found that by keeping my hand drawing, I got better and more confidant :D

You will never stop learning stuff, so be prepared to learn! This is the raddest thing :D

Have an online portfolio, and keep updating it! This means moving out old stuff and putting in the newer and better material you’ll be producing. Your portfolio should be viewable on computers and mobile devices. Organized and tidy looks ace in my opinion.

Seek critiques and constantly strive to make your work better.

Thank people for their help, and help others as well. Be rad and be nice. You never know who you will run in to anywhere and a good impression will last :D

DON’T EVER GIVE UP! I cannot stress that enough! If you apply for an internship or a job and don’t get it—don’t give up. Keep making yourself even awesomer than before and keep trying! It took me a few years of rejections before I got my foot in the door. Hard work pays off :D

I hope this helps!

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