Hello! My sister and I just wanted to ask you where do you get inspiration from and how do you stay motivated? You're work has alot of appeal and life which we think is awesome! please keep it up!


Hi! I get a lot of inspiration from everything I see around me. My best friend Kyle taught me to draw, and he inspires me the most! His work ethic is crazy amazing, and he’s always striving to come up with new things, and make awesome stories and characters! He works his butt off and I can’t help but be inspired by him and his work! My other friends both in life and online also inspire me a lot too! Seeing everyone work so hard to make such cool stuff is extremely inspiring to me!

I’m also glued to the internet and I learn a lot and get a lot of inspiration from that too! So many people post their tips, tutorials, and techniques for others to learn, and that’s been so important. If I see something cool, I will sometimes try it and if it works out or not, I’ve still learned something new. I love different styles and being able to work in different styles is a part of my job, so it’s also a lot of fun to try different things :D

Tumblr is pretty rad for feeding you inspiration too— when I browse around my dashboard, I see so much awesome and inspiring work!

As for motivation, I was a little slow when I started out drawing. The ways to draw that were taught to me didn’t click well. That became very frustrating and it made it harder to draw and I was less motivated. When I met my friend online, he taught me how to sketch and draw, and once that clicked and made sense, I reminded myself to draw more and more. No matter what I drew, the more I drew— the better I could get, and knowing that kept me going.

I also wanted to make my mum and grandparents proud and that was a big part of it :D

Also, learning new things is a big motivation! You never stop learning and it’s fun to learn. Since technology is always changing, there’s all sorts of new stuff to learn from that too! Sometimes we can hit a little plateau in motivation but there are so many forms of it, it feels like it’s bound to kick in again.

I’ve also found sometimes going to the shop and trying a new pencil or pen, or a new type of sketchbook is enough to kick me into gear again too. I love getting new paper!

And thank you so very much! I’m glad you like my work :D I love your work as well and I hope you both keep it up too! It’s awesome to see all the cool characters you draw!

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