So a little backstory on this fellow: I’m from Maine and...


So a little backstory on this fellow: I’m from Maine and growing up there, we went to summer camp every year as well as a camp my Grandparents had built. One year when we were super little, my Grandpa pranked us— he hid in the woods by camp and shook small trees and made all sorts of noise and basically scared the shit out of us. We bawled our eyes out because we thought it was a bear or a monster or something. We kept trying to prank him back over the years (the fake plastic ants we put in his bed were totally not successful) but I don’t think we really succeeded. Hell, that prank monster in the woods still resonates in the back of my mind, lol.

The woods scare me much like the ocean does. It’s not knowing what’s there that does it. Maine woods are kinda mysterious. There are bears and stuff and then there are stories of Bigfoot and UFOs in the lore.

There have been numerous sightings of Bigfoot up there— called several things. The Native Americans in Maine called it Pomoola.

I’ve been toying with the idea of of a little Bigfoot/Pomoola and his odd life in Maine. Here’s one sketch, and there will be many more as I fill out his story :)

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