Hi everyone! I wanted to let you all know I’ve started a...


Hi everyone! I wanted to let you all know I’ve started a ‘Tip Jar’ to help me save for a new tablet!

If you would like to donate, you can visit the tip jar here at GoFundMe.

I love drawing and sharing those drawings on my art blog, and I also love to use my blog to share helpful information and resources, as well as advice and my own personal experiences with those who visit.

I get a lot of ‘asks’ here about all sorts of things including portfolios, resumes, and what some can try to do to stay motivated during tough times. I love helping whenever I am able to! If you enjoy my art and posts, please considering making a donation to the jar :)

As a special thank you for those who donate, I will be sending you a link to a special folder where I will be uploading desktop wallpapers made with various pieces of my artwork. I will keep on adding new wallpapers and sizes regularly, so you can check back to get new goodies! :D If you need a special size you can let me know and I’ll make it for you!

Thank you so very much, and have a rad day!

<3 Aron

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