Hello! I love your artworks and i read all questions/answers in your blog. They are really helpful, thank you for this! I want to ask you something. I live in Turkey and studying animation at university. It's hard to find a good job here. And sometimes i fall into despair and feel invisible. How can i get more people can see my artworks? Do you have any tips? Thank you for inspiring us. Have a good day! p.s i am very sorry for my grammatical errors.


Hi! And thank you kindly! It always makes my day to hear that people find my posts helpful! :D

There are a number of things you can do to get your work seen. The internet is amazingly rad at making things possible.

My first recommendation is Tumblr of course. It’s a great place to blog and share your work.

I keep a tumblr that’s mainly for artwork, and then I have one for my personal junk and reblogs and stuff.

Tumblr has gotten a lot better over time since it started, and it’s super easy to have a blog to feature just your artwork. Keeping your artwork separate from rampant reblogs of kittens will help keep your work looking professional and easy to browse. Emphasis on easy to browse.

I see a lot of people using tags but sometimes the tag system doesn’t always work and is not easy to use on mobile. For example— they reblog everything to their main tumblr, and also host their art on there and have a “My Art” tag. You’re supposed to click it and it is supposed to filter out everything but their art. Okay on a desktop, but it’s 2015 and the world is your showcase. Smartphones and tablets are everywhere and I myself am not always able to get tag links to work on my phone.

Keeping an art tumblr and a tumblr for everything else helps safeguard against issues.

Here’s some notes I wanted to make about tumblr that might be helpful. These were inspired by Zoe Persico's helpful twitter info slides:

(click images to view full size)

If you’re making a professional art tumblr, things you will want to keep in mind:

  • Want people to contact you? Make sure to include your business contact email address so they can get a hold of you :)

  • Got a twitter? Have other social media sites where you share your artwork? Make sure to link to those!

  • Make it look nice, easy to visit, and look professional. When your artwork is presented in a nice manner, it makes the work stand out, and makes you stand out.

As for connecting with others and sharing your work to get it out there, I will also greatly recommend Twitter. It’s very useful to connect with people and share your artwork :D

Zoe Persico— an illustrator & fellow SCAD kid has made an EXTREMELY helpful set of slides outlining usage of Twitter for your professional art, and you can find those slides HERE .

I have also made a post about getting your art out there and outline some posting tips for Twitter as well as elsewhere.

On Facebook? It never hurts to have an artist page! Your personal FB is personal. Having a professional one for your artwork makes sure people can view your work, and share it without you having to worry what posts are private or friend’s only.

In the long run, making sure you’re sharing your work and keeping it updated will help you get your work out there and get it seen.

I hope this helps! Please let me know if I can elaborate more :D

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