Progress Post! Round 1; SketchGoing along with the Gadget...


Progress Post! Round 1; Sketch

Going along with the Gadget Hackwrench sketches from the other day, here is another Disney Television Animation favorite from my childhood— Genie & Eden from Aladdin; The Series.

I grew up watching old reruns of shows from the 1950’s-1970’s on television and I was ever so excited to see a nod to I Dream of Jeannie in Aladdin. Like Gadget, Eden stole my heart. Eden is energetic, funny, and sassy.

Here’s the rough fan art sketch to start with, so you can see how I do some of my digital work :) I’ll end up reworking this a little more before I start color, and I’ll make sure I’m happy with things like faces and hands (hands usually get re-drawn like 2,027 times or until I sob on my tablet). I usually block out a majority color on things like this because I can have a terribly hard time seeing what I am working on sometimes lol.

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