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Okie! Here it is! Here’s my guide to making your own unofficial Mabel Birthday Cake ‘sweater’ from Dipper and Mabel vs The Future!

This will hopefully be a quick and easy project for you, especially if you are in dire need of a costume for Halloween! I made this similarly to the Meow Wow sweater I made for a costume a few years ago. It’s a speedy craft project especially if you have friends/guardians helping you out. If you’re a bit too young to be sewing/cutting/pinning things, ask an adult to help you out! My mum helped cut things out with me since I was pressed for time :3

Supplies suggested:

  • Sweater: Pink or Coral in color, and turtle-neck style if possible! If you don’t have a sweater or can’t find one in stores or at a thrift store, you can also use a regular turtle-neck or other collared shirt (I’ve seen turtle-neck fleeces used too!).
  • Felt: Colors needed: brown/beige for the cake, pink for the frosting, and assorted other colors including but not limited to: blue, purple, yellow, and white. See the reference picture of Mabel– I had to cheat on colors a little bit but it still works! For extra fun, I bought bright pink glitter felt at the craft store. Felt in general is pretty inexpensive so this also helps keep your costs down!
  • Sewing supplies, thread/embroidery floss, scissors, pins
  • The sweet pattern I just gave you :D Print the two pages out on 8.5″x11″ or larger paper if you can!
  • acrylic paint OR a sharpie marker (paint is recommended) so you can detail the candle.

How I did it: First off, I drew a pattern on paper and cut it out. You can copy my pattern or just print it out. Once printed, cut it out and arrange on the sweater. This helps you test it out for size/placement. NOTE: I found once I had put the blank sweater on and held up the pattern, I was originally putting it way too high up for my chest. The candle flame was covered by the collar, so I moved it down.

Once you are happy with placement, pin the pattern pieces to your felt and carefully cut each part out. For the icing in the middle of the cake, I just used a scrap, but I left it illustrated on there to show you about where it should go.

Arrange the felt cake and once you are happy with how it looks, you can sew the big frosting and the thin strip of frosting to the cake part. I found this was easiest with a machine if you have that, but you can hand-sew it too. Make sure the parts are sewed together well since they will be sewn onto the sweater/shirt as one piece.

I took some acrylic paint and detailed the wax blob on the candle. This was my choice because it was a personal preference. I drew the lines to show you how I detailed it.

Once I sewed the cake parts together, I pinned it carefully onto the sweater and took a look at it to make sure I was happy. Once you’re ready, sew that cake down! Make sure the edges are on there good! I found just brushing against my sleeves while wearing the Meow Wow sweater, the edges can lift easily and get a little wonky. You MIGHT be able to sew the main cake part by machine– but that’s up to how your machine works with knits if you are using a real sweater. I did mine by hand.

After that, take a bunch of ‘confetti’ you have cut out of the blue, purple, pink, and yellow felt, and pin them down, sewing as you go. I found it was helpful to do it one at a time because my hands have not been steady lately and I had to maneuver the sleeves around to sew the confetti down. More than one pinned at a time started to cause me to poke myself with pins LOL. Also be careful not to sew both sides of the sleeves or torso together (front/back). I did this and was super mad at myself for not paying attention, lol.

You can refer to the reference image for confetti placement or go wild with it. UP TO YOU SINCE THIS IS YOUR RAD SWEATER, you mighty Mabel, you!

Once you have the confetti sewn to your liking, you can add details like a wick for the candle. I used felt, but paint or sewing with embroidery floss will also work!

After you are done, triple check to make sure you removed all pins, and put your amazing creation on! TOTALLY CHECK IT OUT. YOU JUST MADE A RAD MABEL COSTUME FOR YOURSELF!

Other things you might want to add to your costume:

  • Glitter headband: I painted mine yellow and glued fine yellow glitter to it. Any Mabel-approved color will also work. Mabel is MABEL.
  • Skirt: I made a yellow one to use, but I could also have used my old teal one from the other costume. Up to you! Screen accurate or not, it’s your choice. Any skirt will do.
  • Knee-socks/black shoes: I got my socks at Target. I wear them over nylons for warmth and less sock-slippage. You can also pair these with cute ankle socks, anything really. Mabel is all about cuteness.
  • Braces: I made mine from a tutorial posted by some kids on youtube. My braces hurt like hell. If you can find costume braces go for those. I’m pretty sure I screwed up my teeth by jamming a bobby pin in there. Owwww.
  • Makeup: Pink cheeks for Mabel!
  • Earrings: I tried my old star earrings, but they snagged on the sweater collar, so I opted for basic round plastic ones. Your choice if you want earrings or not.
  • Accessory: A toy pig to be waddles if you wish, or if you have one of those cool Plasma ball things– that’s rad too! I carried around a small bag of Doritos and drew Bill Cipher on one of the chips on the front of the bag.

I hope this helps! Again, if you’re a younger fan, you should ask for help with things like pinning and sewing. Safety first! Did you make a super rad Mabel Sweater? Do tell me! I’d love to see what you made! If I missed anything, feel free to ask me a question and I’ll try to answer it as best as I can here on tumblr :D I will try to post answers to any questions with the tag “MabelCakeSweater” here. Thank you for being so awesome!!

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