Aron Jean Shay is creating Artwork | Patreon

Aron Jean Shay is creating Artwork | Patreon:

Hi everyone! I have a lot of new folks following me from the past month and I wanted to share this with you!

I have a Patreon and if you are one of my supporters, you get access to special posts, artwork, and upcoming videos before anyone else! I’m working on recording more progress videos as well as videos outlining what I’m reading, what’s in my bag, what art supplies I’m currently using, and more! I’m working on expanding what I can share with you guys as time allows (I work two jobs right now so I’m a little busy) but I hope to have more video content soon!

I can also answer questions over there (I’ll make a questions post where you can ask me stuff) :)

If you’re interested in becoming a patron, you can head to my Patreon and take a look! Even a pledge as little as $1 a month on Patreon is a huge help :D 

I hope you’re all having a super rad month and thank you! <3

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