Mr. Henry F. Pugginson


So this is an additional picture I made two days after the poodle picture. I had been picturing a Pug in a suit, in my head.

I was looking for pug reference photos... and found these epic photos: OMG Pugicorn and WHUT SPIDER PUG

I ended up going with this for face reference and later on I decided to put a bowler hat on the little gentleman, and found this

I'm currently looking for a way to video record these digital drawings, especially when they come out really good--

of course I was a jackass and didn't check my dpi until I finished, and found I'd done it at 72 dpi-- the starting dpi for the little frame shape I'd used for the poodle picture the previous time. UGH. I was hoping to make a print of this for my sister for a Halloween gift.

Song on loop while drawing: Nothing From Nothing (Billy Preston)

Edit: And here's the in-progress layer buildup-- he started out larger and then I brought him down in size to fit the same scale and format for the frame that I used for the Poodle.

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