The Cosmos Of Your Heart

Cadet Pug sparkles into the cosmos of your heart!
GOOD GAWD, this is what happens when you throw glitter at a wacom tablet.

In the trend of the recent dog character pictures I've been drawing digitally lately, I drew this one for Sam's birthday this week.

Sam... loves dem pugs. Sam... loves dat cosmic space.

I was drawing the pug portion of the portrait referenced off this photo I found on google, and after I had sketched the head, I was trying to figure out what the heck to dress it up as. I tried finding a few vintage dress options to no avail. Chris got me to do Space theme, as it was a space theme birthday party -- and this happened.

No video this time, unlike the Corgi video. I drew and colored this over the span of 3 days and that would have sucked the life out of my HD to make a video of it. I may however post a progress sampler to show buildup of the approximately 3000 layers it took to make this.

So yes, sparkly eyed space pug is jetting into the cosmos of your heart. Oddly enough, Sam had drawn a space pug with a helmet on her window in the kitchen for the party, and I laughed my butt off at the odds of there being two pugs in space helmets at one party.

I may offer small prints of this later. Originally sized and printed it at 11"x14" for framing (which looked faaaaaaaaaabulous.)

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