This was a commission for someone who wanted me to do a cereal...


This was a commission for someone who wanted me to do a cereal box parody as a gift!

I did a lot of research of the progression of Cereal Box art styles through the 1940’s - 1980’s and I settled on something around 50’s/60’s but has a little bit of 70’s to it. They told me exactly what they wanted the box to say, and let me run with that! I sketched the character in pencil, and digitally painted it, as well as the rest of the elements (bowl, cereal, marshmallows) in Photoshop. I love doing fun things like this!

On a random note, while I was looking up cereals, I found a blog where a guy bought a vintage unopened box of Ghostbusters cereal— AND ATE IT. It was really cool to see the opened bag of cereal, the box, and the contest game piece inside the box, because it brought back a flood of memories from my childhood, eating that cereal.

I’ve always loved the marshmallows in Lucky Charms too— Anyone remember when it used to be something like blue diamonds? They change up those marshmallows all the time.

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