MYSTERY LLAMA FINALE! Now taking sketch commissions!


Ello all!

I wanna let you guys know I’m currently taking a few sketch commissions!

$15 for one character full body (or bust— your choice!) If you have picture reference of what you would like me to draw, awesome. If no pic reference is available, I’ll come up with something from the description!

I’ll ink it and such. Might add monochromatic color. We will see what happens! You will get the digital image only.

Payment by Paypal only, and I’ll only open up 3 spots at a time so I can ensure they get completed in a timely manner. Each picture commissioned equals one slot (example, if you commission 2 sketches, that’s 2 of the total 3 slots filled). Payment required before I will start on your pic.

Drop me a note here or on DA if you’re interested. Drop me a note here or on DA if you have ANY questions. My art tumblr will give you an idea of what kind of stuff I draw. Rad!

Spot 1: OPEN

Spot 2: OPEN

Spot 3: OPEN

If you’re on DA, you can read the post about these commissions HERE

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