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When I think of Holiday Cookies, I immediately think of the classic Chocolate Chip Cookie. It’s a favorite of mine to bake and share, and when I was little it was the cookie of choice to leave out for Santa!

I’m also very fond of advertisements and mascots from the 1950’s and when I started sketching Miss Cookie pictures, I started to imagine a ‘history’ for her, and this became of it.

The cookie packaging is based off a super cute Dolly Madison box from that time period (I love boxes with little windows in them!)

Miss Cookie’s color palette is based off some delicious chocolate chip cookies and I had a lot of fun designing her dress :D

Photoshop and Wacom Tablet

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… there are no words for how awesome this is. I’m slowly turning into mush from the uniqueness…!!! Auuuughhhh… ♥ ~ Karniz

I’m very proud of this! I love vintage advertisements and mascots! I’ve been working on this through the week and I will also be posting several sketches made with pencils and markes that I did to try out some different designs.

I also want to nod to the Dolly Madison Bakery Company (Cakes & Goodies)— I hope you can remain open through this tough time!

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