What is your favorite thing to draw and what do you find is the hardest thing to draw?


Hi! I think I would have to say fan art/gift art is a favorite thing to draw in general. I love seeing something that is so rad and saying ‘I need to draw fan art of this sometime!’. I love gifting art and I love drawing characters that my friends have created :D Other than that, my favorite thing to draw really depends on what I get in to at that time. I sometimes draw a lot of one character at a time, or a lot of cute girl faces, or a lot of hamsters. It can last a week or two, and then I get into drawing a bunch of something else.

As for hardest thing to draw— perspective (especially more extreme perspective) is a pain in the butt for me to draw. I never got a good grasp of it in school and I know if I spent a couple of weeks focusing on it, I’d get a lot better but right now perspective feels like the hardest. After that it’s always harder to draw hands and feet but I’ve found some rad tutorials so once things settle down here, I will be able to focus on that as well :D

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