what would you say influenced your art style?


Ello! Without a doubt, my best friend Kyle has been the strongest influence on me in terms of drawing and style. He taught me to draw and he had the patience of a saint in doing so. Once I became more comfortable with drawing, I started trying out all sorts of different styles, technique, looks, and things I saw. I have learned a lot from friends both online and in real life, and that has been a major influence in how I draw/color and how it looks. I watch a lot of people here on tumblr and on DeviantArt and I have a bunch of rad books from people. I am very fond of ‘art of movie’ books because they have so many artists and so many different interpretations of a particular character for example, and I love seeing all the different versions of that character design. It’s a lot of awesome in one book!

Just a small sampling of artists include: Elena & Olivia Ceballos, Stephen Silver, Kali Fontecchio, Jeff Victor, Mary Blair, and the list goes on forever. My super rad friends are also a major influence :D

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